The Business of Life

Have you ever thought of your life as a business? Most of us have not but when you really think about it, it could be a very effective way to live. So you might say how can you think of your life as a business? When you take a very simplified look, a business solves a problem (service) or sells a product. But in order for that to happen there are many factors that take place before the “business” can happen. Deciding what the business will be, who the customers are, what it will be called, how will a profit be determined, how will it be brought to market, it goes on and on.

The same type of factors are also applicable to your life and how you live it. Who are you? What makes you happy, how do you fund your lifestyle, who are your friends and family and how do you protect your health? Make sense now? There are many decisions that you make daily that impact how you are living your life and the value to yourself and others it has. Of course your life is more important than a business but it has many of the same working parts that fit together. Finance, marketing, and projections work similarly.

Those of us that are business owners can better understand our own lives the same way and use this perspective to improve our own service or product to better fit the needs of our customers and to help them to improve their lives. Therefore, the title of this piece, the business of life is the life of your business becomes more understandable and is the subject I will explore in all of my upcoming articles.

As a business owner and consultant I have decided that I want to help others build stronger personal lives which helps to build stronger businesses. I will identify all the facets of business that can help you to take a closer look at life in general. Maybe you should start a business or maybe you can improve your current business by learning new perspectives.

Loving your life and yourself can only lead to having more abundance in every sense of the word. Follow me on twitter @toniyodom for daily inspiration and tips and catch this post every week to start making the business of life be the life of your business!