Award winning author Toni Odom’s new title, Man Up, Woman Up takes a hard hitting look at the state of the relationships between Black men and women. This is not your text book analysis but some REAL talk about the strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative behavior that has lead to much of the stereotypes found in media. Toni’s often humorous commentary is sure to make you laugh but make you think and her goal is for readers to walk away with some solutions that will lead to stronger bonds.

Man Up, Woman Up examines the myths and the truths about:
-Gold Diggers
-Gamers(not the videos)
-and other areas that weaken relationships

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Are you a Real Sistah? Sistahs N’ SistahHood helps you to answer the question by examining: What it means to be Black and female, the special bond and legacy of Black womanhood, the definition of SistahHood, seven negative behaviors that hurt SistahHood and seven positive values that build it. When you finish reading this book you will know what it means to be a Real Sistah and how to deal with Sistahs that “are your color but not your kind.” 

New Edition available 4/8/2020

Famed actor Harry Lennix (The Matrix, Superman, The Blacklist) reads the bible verse and affirmations that you will feel in your spirit. The love, strength and confidence of thr women of God is needed today more than ever. Yet the pressures of every day life can challenge the strongest of faith therefore, Daughters of a King will inspire you and keep you grounded in God’s love. This audible book will be available in June and pre-orders will be available in June.